In Memory of
Cullen Taniguchi

Professor Cullen Taniguchi was a Co-Founder of Xerient Pharma, the inventor of its original technology and patents, and has served as its medical adviser since its inception.

One of his generation’s leading radiation oncology physician-scientists, Taniguchi’s work played a key role in reducing acute and chronic toxicity from chemoradiation to improve cancer treatment and patient outcomes. His mission to end cancer was motivated by the impact of cancer on his own family.

“Cullen was a role model for everyone, faculty, and trainees alike. He was an exceptional scientist, colleague, and mentor,” said Sharon Y.R. Dent, PhD, Graduate School dean University of Texas.

“He was an exceptional clinician who was loved by his patients for his kind, gentle bedside manner,” said Albert Koong, MD, PhD, Graduate School faculty member and division head for Radiation Oncology. “He had a remarkable ability to communicate difficult news to his patients and their families. He worked tirelessly to advance cancer care, always drawing inspiration from his patients and motivated by doing his best for them.”

As we continue to honor his memory and build upon his legacy, his absence is keenly felt by all of us.

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